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Canoe and kayak rentals and tours on the loveliest part of the Moselle River between wine villages, castles and nature reserves!

Our service for you:

Canoe-rental stations on two of the loveliest places:

- Ernst in the neighbourhood of cochem,
- Ediger-Eller beside the famous rocks an vinyards of Calmont,

We offer daily different canoe-daytrips, have a look at the map...
This is a very beautiful way to explore the moselle valley. But we also offer canoe rental for a few hours on iur canoe stations, and we offer interresting combinations of canoeing and hiking, mountainbiking, We run also a bike-rental of the whole familiy including e-bikes.

 - We run safe, unsinkable boats from Novacraft canoe, Prijon and Perception and Lettmann, officially certified as rentals

 - our ‘all-round carefree package’: no need to worry about bus timetables or ride-sharing. For all canoe tours transport to or from the river is included in the tour price.

  - free use of safety equipment and waterproof sacks and containers

 - thorough instruction for using the boats and manoeuvring the Moselle

 - liability insurance

 - certified for commercially transporting passengers

 - during the season open from 10am

 - unique on the Moselle River: canoe and bicycle tours from the same place!

With mosel-kanutours.de you experience:

Paddle tours on the loveliest part of the Moselle River – in the ‘Moselkrampen’ region between the Bremm Calmont area, Cochem, Beilstein and Treis-Karden.

At a soft pace, carried by the slow-flowing Moselle past castles and vineyards, wine villages and extensive nature reserves, you follow the charming curves of the Moselle River in a kayak or Canadian canoe.

We show you the undiscovered perspective of the river landscape. Beyond every bend lies a surprising Moselle panorama, steep wine terraces and cliff tips inhabited by gnarly oak and wild boxwood. Below this, river bank thickets with the view of an unapproachable grey heron on a boulder. You turn with the canoe and the bird spreads its wings and flies away over the silver band of the Moselle.

mosel-kanutours takes you away from the doldrums and offers you an uncommon recreation, away from the fast lane to the quiet middle of an ancient river. We’ll convince you, it’s very simple: you climb into the boat, paddle a couple of strokes, and you feel yourself transported. Just ask us: eventful days await you.

  Telefon: 02671/5551
E-Mail: info@mosel-kanutours.de